Where exactly is the cloud anyway?


The more important question is: Where is my company's data once we put it in the cloud?

and "How do we get it back?"

This is the dilemma of moving onto the big cloud platforms, or even the smaller companies running hosted cloud desktops.  If it just does not work the way you wanted, or you just don't like having your data on someone else's servers, what can you do?  Even worse - what if the hosting company goes out of business? You can cancel the service and request your data, but what about all that setup it takes to make a server based network work?  You're starting from scratch!

Only Penn IT's "Own Your Cloud" solution can get you running on cloud technology, with always on reliability (guaranteed power and internet) on equipment you own.  Even more important, if you don't like working from off premises cloud servers, we will have already built in a plan for how you can move the entire system back to your office.  Not kidding - we are the only cloud hosted network company that builds in your "escape hatch."

Think about that! Penn IT is so confident on the reliability and performance of our solution, we are willing to show you in advance how to get out of it if you don't like it.  The other cloud hosting companies won't do that.  In fact their plan is to make it so difficult to get away, that you are stuck with them forever!

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