• ​Encrypted connection to your office network
  • Relax during storms! - your critical systems are immune to local power issues
  • Keep your data on your network and off of out of control "drop boxes"
  • ​Email systems that never go down - even during a "Sandy" type storm
  • Not subject to "indexing" by the big name cloud providers


Private Clouds by Penn I.T.

Easy to Use

  • ​Allow you to work the way you are used to with familiar MS Windows Desktop, MS Office & nearly all programs that run on MS Windows.
  • ​Custom designed for your needs. Not the other way around!
  • ​Allow employees to work from anywhere on the device of their choosing.​
  • Stop worrying about backups
  • Easily replace failed PC's with 5 minute setup

Problem Solving

  • Take the worry out of managing servers in your office
  • Managed by us, a trusted local company and real people you can actually speak to
  • Allow you to get more years out of the PC’s you have now and still work efficiently!
  • Environmentally friendly solution. You’ll discard less computer hardware.
  • Solve your unsupported Windows XP and Server 2003 Problem (if you still have those)
  • Reduce production lost to snow days and sick days